Fee Structure: A B C F

The performance and prices for each Portfolio are shown below. Net Asset Value (NAV) is the value of one share of the portfolio. Performance does not reflect any contingent deferred sales charge or the annual account maintenance fee of $12 (waived for Alabama residents).

Individual Fund Portfolios
at NAV as of June 14, 2024
PriceChange ($)Change (%)YTD (%)1
Bank Savings 529 Portfolio
Bank Savings 529 Portfolio$
Money Market 529 Portfolio
State Street U.S. Government Money Market 529 Portfolio*$
Fixed Income 529 Portfolios
PIMCO Short-Term 529 Portfolio$11.350.010.092.71
Northern Funds Bond Index 529 Portfolio$10.730.010.09-0.46
Fidelity Advisor Investment Grade Bond 529 Portfolio$10.570.020.190.00
PGIM Total Return Bond 529 Portfolio$9.430.000.000.64
American Century Short-Duration Inflation-Protection Bond Fund 529 Portfolio$10.700.000.000.94
BlackRock High Yield Bond 529 Portfolio$10.45-0.03-0.292.35
AB Global Bond Fund 529 Portfolio$
Balanced 529 Portfolio
T. Rowe Price Balanced 529 Portfolio$26.17-0.06-0.237.25
Real Estate 529 Portfolios
DFA Real Estate Securities 529 Portfolio$
Principal Global Real Estate Securities 529 Portfolio$9.490.000.00-3.56
Domestic Equity 529 Portfolios
DFA U.S. Large Cap Value 529 Portfolio$14.48-0.11-0.755.39
Northern Funds Stock Index 529 Portfolio$51.60-0.01-0.0213.93
T. Rowe Price Large-Cap Growth 529 Portfolio$72.580.340.4719.91
Northern Funds Mid Cap Index 529 Portfolio$37.67-0.51-1.344.18
T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value 529 Portfolio$9.13-0.12-1.30-2.14
Northern Funds Small Cap Index 529 Portfolio$29.96-0.48-1.58-0.99
T. Rowe Price Integrated U.S. Small-Cap Growth Equity 529 Portfolio$19.45-0.26-1.325.08
International Equity 529 Portfolios
Northern Funds International Equity Index 529 Portfolio$18.19-0.21-1.144.60
Neuberger Berman International Select 529 Portfolio$18.57-0.18-0.965.63
DFA International Small Company 529 Portfolio$19.31-0.17-0.872.12
Vanguard Emerging Markets Select Stock 529 Portfolio$10.740.010.094.99
Parametric Commodity Strategy 529 Portfolio$6.72-0.01-0.15-7.82