Fee Structure: A B C F

The performance and prices for each Portfolio are shown below. Net Asset Value (NAV) is the value of one share of the portfolio. Performance does not reflect any contingent deferred sales charge or the annual account maintenance fee of $12 (waived for Alabama residents).

Target Portfolios
at NAV as of June 14, 2024
PriceChange ($)Change (%)YTD (%)1
Target Fund 100$31.20-0.14-0.458.22
Target Fund 80$26.58-0.10-0.376.79
Target Fund 60$22.20-0.05-0.225.41
Target Fund 40$18.37-0.03-0.164.02
Target Fund 20$14.79-0.01-0.072.92
Target Fixed Income Fund$10.590.010.091.73